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One of the things I love best about writing for teens and tweens is the chance to talk to my readers. If you have a question about my books, about writing and publishing in general, or if you just want to tell me what’s on your mind, this is the place. I’ll answer each message as soon as I can, but please remember that I travel quite a lot, and sometimes it may take a while for me to catch up. But I will write you back and you can read it here.

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  1. 1
    A Reader Says:

    I will tottaly read your new book i cant wait! what book do you like more Picture perfect or Defying Diva?

  2. 2
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi, It’s hard to pick one book over the other because they are very different. DIVA is about how Haley, with the help of new friends and a totally awesome guy gets her life back after a mean girl at school –the Diva, starts bad gossip about her. After you read it, you can write and let me know which one you liked best. Thanks for writing to me. I love hearing from my wonderful readers.

  3. 3
    A Reader Says:

    Hey Ms Love!
    I LOVED Picture perfect!
    It’s my most fave book in the world! I wished it will never end! you are the best writer ever! you should write more about Phoede and Nick it was really cool!

  4. 4
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    Hey, I’m thrilled that you liked Phoebe and Nick. They were lots of fun to create, and they are still two of my favorite characters. I hope you’ll like the new book, Defying the Diva coming out in March, in which Haley falls in love with Evan….and with Harrison. Which guy is the right one for her? Which guy would YOU choose? Write and let me know. Cheers, D. Anne

  5. 5
    A Reader Says:

    They book semiprecious is absolutly amazing. I love Garnet, and her sister. I love the book!

  6. 6
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    Thank you so much! I love Garnet and Opal, too. It was really hard to let them go when I finished writing the book. I’m so glad you like them and that you took the time to tell me so.
    D. Anne

  7. 7
    A Reader Says:

    Hey Ms Love i got Picture Perfect for Christmas and i love it so much i have already read it twice. I was wondering if you are writing another story about Phoebe and Nick.
    Bye! Catherine

  8. 8
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    Hi Catherine, I’m glad you enjoyed the book. No plans to write more about Phoebe and Nick, but I hope you’ll look for my new book, Defying the Diva in March. My main character, Haley, falls in love with two guys–Evan and Harrison, while trying to figure out how to take back her life from Camilla Quinn, the high school diva. I had a lot of fun writing Haley’s story and I hope my readers will enjoy it. D. Anne

  9. 9
    A Reader Says:

    im doing a book report on it and soo, what do u suggest i do?

  10. 10
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    You didn’t say which book you chose for your report, so I can’t be specific, but here are some general ideas:
    Start with a bit of author background. You will find info about me on the “Biography” page of this website. Then click on “Inspirations” to find information about how I got the ideas for my books. Finally, you might write about questions such as: Which character did you like best and why? Did you agree of disagree with the decisions or actions of this character? Why or why not? What would you have done in the same situation?
    What is the theme of this book? Give examples that illustrate the theme. Discus the setting for the book. How does the setting contribute to the mood and feel of the story? How does the story end? Were you satisfied with the ending? Why or why not? Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not? I hope this helps. Good luck!! D. Anne

  11. 11
    A Reader Says:

    Hey, ijust finished Picture Perfect and LOVED every minute I spent reading it. Phoebe is awesome your my favorite writer. I can’t wait for Defying the Diva. Katie P.

  12. 12
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    Hey Katie P: Thanks so much for writing. I’m glad you liked Phoebe’s story. I had fun writing it DIVA will be out in March of 2008; I hope you enjoy it, too. D. Anne

  13. 13
    A Reader Says:

    Okay thank you I did not know that the puppeteers apprentice won an award that’s’ great that is the book I just read I now want to read picture perfect It sounds really great! I cant wait to start it

  14. 14
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy Picture Perfect. Keep on reading! D. Anne

  15. 15
    A Reader Says:

    have you ever won any awards for your books?

    If so what books

  16. 16
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    My books have been nominated for many awards, and have won a few. My Lone Star Summer won an award several years ago. The most recent book to win awards is The Puppeteer’s Apprentice. Semiprecious has been named to a couple of “Best Books” lists and is nominated for an award to be given in 2008.
    The best “awards” of all are letters I get from readers who have enjoyed my books. Thanks for writing. D. Anne

  17. 17
    A Reader Says:

    hi, I have to do a research project on you, and need to know a few questions. That aren’t listed on your site..
    first of all,
    whats your culture ? and some interesting life experiences ?
    Also when were youu born ?
    the book I just read ” Semiprecious” I was wondering what the theme of the novel would be ?
    Thanks for taking the timee to write back…

  18. 18
    D. Anne Replies Says:

    Hi Kaitlyn,

    I guess you’d describe my culture as small town southern. I grew up in the same town where my maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins lived, so I had plenty of playmates in addition to my brothers. Many of my most interesting life experiences came as the result of travel to places such as New Zealand where I took a boat out to the Tasman Sea, hiked the forests, and explored the remains of a volcanic explosion. I’ve visited the sacred sites of the ancient Hawaiian people, ridden horses in Arizona on Christmas morning, traveled by ferry among the little towns in Bermuda. One year I visited the Cuna Indians of Panama and toured one of their villages. All of these experiences gave me a better understanding of other places and other people. Closer to home, I have worked with underprivileged preschoolers, performed Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Trial By Jury” in a local opera company, and once, I sang with a rock band. I was born in 1949.

    In writing Semiprecious, I wanted to explore the importance of families and the true meaning of home.These are the themes I intend for readers to take away from the book.

    I hope this helps with your research paper. Good luck. I hope you ace it!! D. Anne

  19. 19
    A Reader Says:

    Hi Again! It’s Valerie. I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for helping me. You gave some really good advice. And I forgot to mention this before, but i LOVE semiprecious. Thanks so much for the advice, help, etc. ~Val

  20. 20
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi Valerie,

    You are very welcome! Good luck with your writing. And thanks so much for the kind words about Semiprecious.
    All my best to you, D. Anne

  21. 21
    A Reader Says:

    what helps you write the stories you do and what motivates you when you write.

    age 12

  22. 22
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi Tiara,

    I depend a lot on memories and imagination. I’m motivated by the need to tell a good story story and by letters from my readers. It’s very satisfying when readers write to tell me how much they liked a certain book or certain characters.
    All my best, D. Anne

  23. 23
    A Reader Says:

    I love the book Semiprecious because it makes you feel like you are in the book and you need tool protect Garnet from running away. I loved it so much that I have decided to read her new book Picture Perfect.

    Cleveland, Ohio
    age 12

  24. 24
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi again Tiara,

    So glad you liked Semiprecious. I hope you will enjoy reading Picture Perfect, too. Cheers, D. Anne

  25. 25
    A Reader Says:

    Hi im Anna and im 11 years…
    I loved the book Semi-Precious but i was wondering if you were going to make another Semi-Precious? I got so interested in that book i was dying to know if you were making another.

  26. 26
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi Anna,

    Right now there are no plans for another Semiprecious book but I hope you will enjoy my other books. Thanks for writing.
    D. Anne

  27. 27
    A Reader Says:

    Hi, This is Valerie. i want to be a writer, but i don’t mean like in a magazine, website or newspaper. I know people say “start small” but i’m almost fifteen, and I want to be able to walk into a local Barnes & Noble and see one of my books on the shelf. I’ve always wanted to be the “youngest writer ever” and i actually used to imagine myslef getting an award for it (this was in the third grade) and by now i know i won’t be the “youngest writer” obviously, but i still want to be able to see one of my books on the shelf. Thats like a dream to me. Do you have any advice. Thanks-Val

  28. 28
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi Valerie,

    I can so totally relate to your letter because I grew up dreaming of being a published author. I was in third grade when I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I still remember the first time I walked into a bookstore and saw my first book on the shelf. I actually had to pop my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming with delight. It was such a fantastic feeling. After a dozen books, seeing the latest one on the shelf is still a huge thrill.

    The best advice I can give you is to read tons of books and pay attention to how the author uses characterization, dialog, plot, setting, to create a complete, believable world. Read all kinds of books–adventure, historical novels, fantasy, etc. Secondly, you should try to write every day. It may be a character sketch, an idea for a plot, an overheard conversation, or a few pages of an ongoing story, but you must get into the habit of writing regularly. Even when you don’t particularly feel like it. That’s what successful writers do. Polish your work. Take some writers workshops. Go to writers conferences and talk to other writers, editors, agents. Learn as much as you can about writing, and about the publishing business. Good luck, Valerie. My dearest wish for you is that your dream comes true. D. Anne

  29. 29
    A Reader Says:

    I’m 14. I want to be a writer when I grow up. I’ve written an 164 page novel, along with some others. Is there any way I could get a book published now? Or am I too young?

  30. 30
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi Natalie, I think it’s pretty hard to get a book contract until you are a bit older, but in the meantime, there are plenty of places you can get your work published–magazines, online sites, etc. If you will go to the “Links” page on this website, you will find links to some places that publish work by teens. In the meantime, keep writing and polishing your novel and when you are a bit older, go for it!! Good luck, Natalie.Keep me posted.
    All my best wishes, D. Anne

  31. 31
    A Reader Says:

    Hi My name is Katie. I just finished Picture Perfect and I absolutely loved it. You are my favorite writer.

  32. 32
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi Katie, Thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed Phoebe’s story. Keep reading! D. Anne

  33. 33
    A Reader Says:

    Hi, I just started reading Picture Perfect last night and I can’t put it down. I love Phoebe. She is just like me when I see my crush. I can’t take my eyes off him. Anyways I can’t wait to finish the book and get your other books. Kerri

  34. 34
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi Kerri, Glad you are liking the book. Ain’t love grand??
    D. Anne

  35. 35
    A Reader Says:

    Hey Ms. Love,

    I just finished Picture Perfect and i think it’s the best book I ever read. You are an awesome author. I cant’ wait for Defying the Diva. Now I want to read Semiprecious too.
    A fan

  36. 36
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hey, Glad you liked the book. I had so much fun writing Phoebe’s story, especially her romance with Nick Harper.
    I hope you enjoy Semiprecious and Diva. My readers are awesome too. Thanks for writing. D. Anne

  37. 37
    A Reader Says:

    I really enjoyed reading the end of DAKOTA SPRING when Graandma Abigal became to be nice.Also how did mama die or pass away in DAKOTA SPRING?

    from a forth grade student fan

  38. 38
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m glad you liked the way the story ended. Several of your classmates have asked how Mama died. I’ve put the answer into one of these replies. Thanks for writing to me. D. Anne

  39. 39
    A Reader Says:

    Will you write a sequal to Dakota Spring called The Angry next Door Neighbor In Charleston?Something i liked about the book Dakota Spring is the word choice.Also I liked how you made Grandmother Ravnell.Hope you answer soon. From a fourth Grade thaks for talking.

  40. 40
    D. Anne replies Says:

    Hi, I don’t have any plans to write a sequel. But you might enjoy reading another of my books about life in the Dakotas. It’s called A Year Without Rain. I enjoyed writing about Grandmother Ravenell. She was fun! Take care, D. Anne

  41. 41
    Leanna Says:

    Hi! Can’t wait for Defying the Diva to come out!

  42. 42
    kyra Says:

    i love this book so much i could read it a miillion & two times. I am 12 years old just like garnet i hope you get the meessages

  43. 43
    Julianna Says:

    Hey loved your book Picture Perfect you should make a second book about it or make a moive about it but any how it was a grate book now i am reading your other books.

  44. 44
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Julianna,

    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books and I hope you’ll like DEFYING THE DIVA which comes out in a couple of weeks.

    D. Anne

  45. 45
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Kyra,

    A million and two times! Wow, what a great compliment. Thanks for writing. I’m delighted that you love Semiprecious so much. I had a wonderful time writing that book.

    D. Anne

  46. 46
    Julianna Says:

    So you should make a movie of picture perfect i would be a grate movie hope you make one then i would go and see it.


  47. 47
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Julianna,

    A movie would be fantastic. Maybe Steven Spielberg will read this and call me. Ha! While we are waiting for the movie to come out, I hope you enjoy DEFYING THE DIVA. Thanks a bunch for writing.
    D. Anne

  48. 48
    Beau Harvey Says:

    Hello Ms. Love,

    Beau Harvey, here.

    My wife is a member of SCBWI and has written her first book.

    I would like to find a good publisher as close to Austin, as possible. Do you have a favorite?

    Thanks for any help you can give us.

    Beau Harvey.

    Please feel free to call me anytime if you wish, I would love to have a minute of your time.

  49. 49
    sydney Says:

    hi, you should make a picture perfect 2 i read that book so many times i loved it.i thank you for being such a great writer!!!!!!!!!!!


  50. 50
    Lily Says:

    I think that you are a great outhor and that your books are fun. I’ve started reading semiprecious and it is a very good book so far. It already captured me in.

    Hey, thanks for writing. I had so much frun writing Semiprecious and it’s great to hear from girls who enjoy Garnet’s story.

    D. Anne

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