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One of the things I love best about writing for teens and tweens is the chance to talk to my readers. If you have a question about my books, about writing and publishing in general, or if you just want to tell me what’s on your mind, this is the place. I’ll answer each message as soon as I can, but please remember that I travel quite a lot, and sometimes it may take a while for me to catch up. But I will write you back and you can read it here.

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  1. 51
    Kyla Says:

    I Have Read Picture Perfect and loved, loved it. I think you should make a movie out of it. I would so go and see it. I really liked everything about the book. I saw the back cover of Picture Perfect a saw the Cover to Semiprecious. I can’t wait to read that book too.

    Love always/ Kyla

    Hi Kyla,

    Thanks for writing. I’m so glad you liked the books. Take a look at my latest one, DEFYING THE DIVA when you get a chance.

    All my best, D. Anne

  2. 52
    krystal siders Says:

    hi my name is krystal and i am doing a book report on semiprecious and i am also doing an author report on you because i have been reading a lot of your book and i think it would be grate for me as well as the rest of the class to know about you so if you could please contaked me at that would be grate thanks well g2g

  3. 53
    nicole Says:

    Hey wut up i am reading SEMIPRECIUSE it is a very good but sad to it is realy
    when her dad gets very hurt i am were she leves her anits.
    What is the first book u made and well SEMIPRECIOUS ever be mad to a movie?

  4. 54
    katie Says:

    hi i love your book semiprecious but that is the only one ive read so far and im going to get started on your next book picture perfect and i cant wait to read it and you are my inspiration to become a writer


  5. 55
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks so much for writing. I hope you enjoy my other books, and I hope someday to read a book written by you!

    D. Anne

  6. 56
    pablo arimany Says:


    y havent read any of your books, but, y will read my lone star summer.
    that book looks so interesting. and y love tennesse.
    y have read your biography, its really interesting.
    one last thing, when y grow up, y will be a writer.

    p.s. y live in guatemala city, and, y will like you to visit it.

  7. 57
    loran Says:

    in picture perfect when there in vacation are they in charlston.

  8. 58
    Janice Says:

    Miss D.anne,
    It is inspiring to learn from writers like you. Hopefull someday
    i can write too. I remember the alamo is catchy. hope to read it.
    Is having an imaginative mind helpful for ideas. Thanks for the
    stories you write

  9. 59
    Jamye Whitehorn Says:

    I am not a teen or a tween, I am a mother and future teacher. I have just finished reading I Remember the Alamo. It was a great story. I plan to read some of your other books in the near future.

  10. 60
    Kyla Says:

    Hey D. Anne Love,

    I have written you before, but I just wanted to say that I did finish SEMIPRECIUOS and I loved It. You should make a movie out of that book too! I just REALLY love this book as well as PICTURE PERFECT. you came to my school and signed my book, and I ‘am glad you did.

    Love always/Kyla

  11. 61
    Annie Says:

    hi! my name is annie. i just finished reading Semiprecious, and I loved that book. i was wondering if there was a second book about Garnet and Opus because i really liked those two characters. please respond!

  12. 62
    KM Says:

    Dear Ms. Love,

    I am in the middle of reading defying the Diva and I cannot put it down. I am bullyed at school too and this book is nice to read becuase I can relate 2 it. I really like how you incorporated the Hubbards from your other books and also, the emotions of the characters feel so true and real.


  13. 63
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Annie,

    Thanks so much for writing. I’m delighted that you enjoyed Garnet’s and Opal’s story. There is not a second book about the Hubbard sisters, but if you read my latest book, DEFYING THE DIVA you will find out what happened to Opal when she grew up.

    All my best,
    D. Anne

  14. 64
    dorothy Says:

    Hi K,

    I am so sorry you are dealing with a bully at school, but I’m glad my book is helping you cope.
    Please remember that you are not alone, and there are many places to get help.

    Take care,
    D. Anne

  15. 65
    Celia R. Healy Says:

    You are an absolutely amazing author and teacher. I loved your class on publishing. YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!

  16. 66
    jessica Says:

    for school i have to do a project on a summer book and i decided that i want to do it on semiprecious what should i do?
    PS it must be an art project

  17. 67
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Remember in the story that Garnet learned about the Mexican muralists in her art class at school? Maybe you could make a mural that shows some of the important scenes in the novel such as Garnet and Opal in the chicken truck, or at the Christmas play, or at Charlie’s funeral. Or, you could make a set of worry dolls like the ones Charlie gave Garnet.

    Good luck with the project. Thanks for writing!!

  18. 68
    Cate Says:

    Mrs. Love,
    I just finished reading semiprecious. It is my favorite book of all time, i love the era and the issuses that the charicters are facing! I would love to know about what happens after their dad comes to get them from their aunt Julia’s i think that a second book would make all the Semiprecious fans VERY happy. i am awear that there is a book called DEFYING THE DIVA with the charicter Opal in it and i am planning on reading it very soon!

    Thank you SO much for wrighting all of your wonderful books you are an insparation. I am proud to say that you are my favorite auther.

  19. 69
    dorothy Says:

    Thank you so much! Maybe some day I will write another book about Garnet and Opal…meantime I hope you enjoy DEFYING THE DIVA.

    All my best,
    D. Anne

  20. 70
    Shelly Steig Says:

    Hi Anne,

    I met you at the SCBWI conference in LA. I had to leave early so was not able to stay for the book signings. I wanted to encourage you to continue to write fiction for teens that makes them want to be better people. I was a little discouraged after the conference as I struggled with my feelings that there is no sense of responsibility toward teens and tweens. Of course this is coming from someone who has read Anne of Green Gables at least 10 times and still feels motivated to be better after I close the last page. So I will admit my bias.

    Anyway, best wishes as you continue your writing journey.


    Shelly Steig

  21. 71
    Lacie Says:

    Hi, I clicked to send a private messege, but the pop up said that the page could not be displayed. Is there an email that I can write to? Thanks!

  22. 72
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Lacie,

    Thanks for writing. My email page is not working properly today, but I will have it fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can try writing to me at

    Talk to you later,
    D Anne

  23. 73
    Maree Says:

    My daughter and I are enjoying The Puppeteer’s Apprentice. Can you tell us why the “goose women” have tar on their feet?

  24. 74
    Jessica K Says:

    i love your books i can connect to them very well!!! Your books grab my attention to whats happening in and out of the book im reading

  25. 75
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you sooo much for writing. It’s always great haring from my readers!

    D. Anne

  26. 76
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Maree,

    I’m thrilled that you and your daughter are enjoying Mouses’s story. While researching “The Puppeteer’s Apprentice” I learned that the goosewomen, who often had to walk a long way to take their geese to market, coated their feet in tar to protect them. One of the many interesting tidbits I picked up during the writing of this story.

    Thanks so much for writing!

  27. 77
    jessica Says:

    Hi thanks Dorthy i decied to make three worry dolls! I come from New York City where do you come from my email is

  28. 78
    jessica Says:

    hi dorthy what music do you listen to when you writing i know that some other writers do

  29. 79
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Most of the time I don’t have music playing while I work. I get caught up in singing along with the lyrics and forget what I wanted to write! But I always research the songs that were popular during the time when the story takes place. When I was working on Semiprecious for instance, I listened to Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, and a lot of country western singers such as Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, etc, because Garnet’s mother Melanie was obsessed with it.

    Right now i am working on a book about a girl who loves Beatles music, so I am listening to a lot of Beatles tunes. I saw Paul McCartney in concert a couple of years ago.

    When I am not writing I listen to The Fray, Maroon Five, Pat Green, Martina McBride, BB King, Etta James, Diana Krall, and The Eagles. I like almost every kind of music and I go to a lot of live concerts.

    D. Anne

  30. 80
    Adreanna Says:

    I just got done with semi preciuos and I loved it. Nathan reminded me of
    Someone I know named nathan so that part of the story truly sparked my
    Intrest. U left me hangin there at the with all nathan does is wave to garnet. I was wondering If you were planing on making a sequel I hope u are. If u do don’t forget about incorporating nathan. Maybe phone calls or letters. I love the book. Thanks soo much for making it

  31. 81
    Kathy Says:

    hi anna i just wanted to say that i have read all your books and they are wounderful, and have brought me great joy! but i have to say that semiprecious is my #1 favorite! I LOVED IT! i would love to see a second book to semiprecious! thank you ofr all you work you are an insparation!

  32. 82
    kathy Says:

    sorry i put anna i ment anne i was typing so fast.

    have a great day kathy

  33. 83
    dorothy Says:


    I loved writing about Nathan and Garnet. I’m so glad you enjoyed their story. If I ever write a sequel, I’ll be sure to include Nathan’s letter to Garnet. Meantime, I hope you enjoy PICTURE PERFECT and DEFYING THE DIVA.

    All my best,
    D. Anne

  34. 84
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Thank you so much for writing! I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying my books. I get MY inspiration from great readers like you!!

    All my best,
    D. Anne

  35. 85
    Jessica K Says:

    Hi D. Anne,

    Its me jessica again, im am sorry for writing to you so much. but i am an insipring writer i have been writing for 9 years ( i just turned 15) any way, do you use a format while writing your books like climax, resloution, rising action, falling action, etc. because i am writing a book( nicknamed MTFC making the final cut) and it isnt a typical book with those themes or requirements i was wondering if you used them???

    Jessica K. Samp- practice of an authors name

  36. 86
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Hey, it’s always great to hear from you. When I plot a story I begin with my main character– who she is, what she wants more than anything in the world, why she wants it, and what is standing in her way of getting it. The rising action is basically the actions that she takes in pursuit of her goal, the climax is the point in the story where she either reaches her goal or doesn’t, and the falling action shows the reader how the character has changed as a result. Is she wiser than before? Does she know more about herself, or about others, than before? Has she changed her opinion about something important?

    I hope this helps you with your story. Keep working on it, okay?

    D. Anne

  37. 87
    Jessica Says:

    Hi D. Anne,

    if you are intersted about my writing you view the first chapter on my website- When you first started writing did you write other things like poems or just stories? Also a poem is on my website as well that i wrote. The preview for of the stories i am writing is under my daily blog!!*


    Jessica K.

  38. 88
    Mary Says:

    this book was awsome! I seriosly think that you should put the entire book ONLINE! I would love to read it again!

  39. 89
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks a bunch for writing. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book.

    D. Anne

  40. 90
    Jessica Says:

    When you first started writing did you write other things like poems or just stories? i wrote to and you ignored it how come???? it is one below mary!!!!

  41. 91
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Jessica,

    So sorry!!! I read your message, and then got distracted by a bunch of phone calls and forgot to answer your question. I tried to write poems, but I wasn’t any good at it. I think making good poems takes entirely different skills than writing stories and novels. So I gave up on ever being a poet, and concentrated on stories.

    D. Anne

  42. 92
    Judy Says:

    I really do enjoy your books. I do have a question, though. I assume that the Trasks live in Texas. Where do they go to the beach? The Gullah people live along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. Did they go that far to go to the beach?

  43. 93
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Judy,

    What an observant reader you are! Yes, the Trasks drive from Texas to the beach in SC…I love Kiawah Island, near Charleston. My husband and I vacation there every year, in a beach villa named “Windswept.” I look forward to it every year.

    Glad you enjoyed the book. I’m off to Nashville tomorrow to give a reading of DEFYING THE DIVA at the Southern Festival of Books. Should be fun!

    Thanks so much for writing,
    D. Anne

  44. 94
    Emmy Says:

    D. Anne Love I plan to read all of your wonderfull books. I am 11 years of age.
    So far I read 1 of your books semiprecious. It was the best of all books
    i have read. Garnet a young girl and her sister are left at their aunts
    while their mother is trying to fulfill her dreams. But as soon as she
    their father is injured. This is a wonderfull book. I predict that the other books are too. PS keep writing. I love books that i can realate to.

  45. 95
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Emmy,

    Thanks so much for writing to me about SEMIPRECIOUS. I hope you enjoy all my other books.

    D. Anne

  46. 96
    cassie Says:

    I will like to say is when you read picture perfect and you can not put it down that how good it is…………………………

  47. 97
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Cassie!

    Thanks so much for writing! I enjoyed writing about Phoebe and Nick and Zane and Shlya. I’m glad that you enjoyed PICTURE PERFECT.

    D. Anne

  48. 98
    Christina Hinton Says:

    hey, um, I went to the writing workshop in Clarksvilel during the summer where you taught…you may or may not remember me, but anyway, I just finished writing a really bug story I’ve been working on and I’ve been curious at what the next steps I need to take are. ..

  49. 99
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Christina,

    I sure do remember you, and the great book discussion we had about the Dean Koontz novel!
    It’s great to hear from you and to know you’ve been working. The next step is to polish your work,and then figure out where to send it, based on the length and the kind of story it is (funny, sci fi, horror, etc) There are several online sites that publish work by teen writers, as well as a few print magazines. Take a look at the latest edition of Writers Market to find the appropriate market for your work. Good luck, and keep me posted!! All my best, D Anne

  50. 100
    Christina Hinton Says:

    Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes!!

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