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One of the things I love best about writing for teens and tweens is the chance to talk to my readers. If you have a question about my books, about writing and publishing in general, or if you just want to tell me what’s on your mind, this is the place. I’ll answer each message as soon as I can, but please remember that I travel quite a lot, and sometimes it may take a while for me to catch up. But I will write you back and you can read it here.

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410 Responses to “Your Comments and Questions”

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  1. 101
    KARLA Says:


  2. 102
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Karla,

    What a nice compliment! Thanks a bunch for writing to me. I hope one day to see your book on the bookstore shelf. Majorly cool!!

    D. Anne

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    ADRIANNA Says:


  4. 104
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Adrianna,

    Thanks a bunch for writing. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed SEMIPRECIOUS. I loved writing Garnet’s story. She became so real to me that sometimes I still catch myself wondering about her and wondering what she’s doing. Take care!!

    D. Anne

  5. 105
    Emmy Bour Says:

    hi remember me i missed talking to you well emailing you still havent read picture perfect of defing diva i told my friend to read semiprecious she finished it in a day thats how good it is and i loved it to. You rock………keep on writing please

  6. 106
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Emmy,

    I remember you. Hope you have a fun winter break from school. Keep on reading.

    D. Anne

  7. 107
    colleen Says:

    dear D.anne,
    I watched your interview with Yadi on Meet Me At The Corner and heard about your “let’s talk” page and i am actually writing a book myself so far i have eight chapters but am having trouble finding a good title so i was wondering if you had a suggestion.


  8. 108
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Colleen,

    Wow, I’m impressed that you are writing a book and have already come so far. Titles are hard!
    You might try thinking of something that describes your main character, such as The Puppeteer’s Apprentice or The Secret Prince. Or think of a well known phrase that relates to your story, as I did with teen photographer Phoebe Trask in Picture Perfect.

    If you cant’ think of a good title right now, don’t worry about it. Finish the story first. The more you know about your character and your story, the easier it will become to create a great title.

    Good luck! D. Anne

  9. 109
    Arnella, Cindy & Madge Says:

    We enjoyed dinner with you tonight and learning about your books. Your website is great. I (Arnella) look forward to sharing this information with my teacher daughter; I (Madge) look forward to sharing your books with my granddaughters. I (Cindy) says hi and happy writing. We hope your transition to San Antonio is wonderful. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  10. 110
    Megan Says:

    Hello Anne!!! Oh my god i am such a big fan of you! I love your book Semiprecious!! It is my #1 favorite book!! I have’nt really read anymore but after that first book i am amazed of how well you can put a book together!! Please reply to my message!!!!

    ?#1 fan of Anne D. Love/Megan<333

  11. 111
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Megan,

    Thanks a bunch for writing!! I’m so glad you liked SEMIPRECIOUS. I hope you’ll check out my other books. If you read DEFYING THE DIVA you’ll find a clue about what happened to Opal when she grew up.

    Thanks for being a number one fan!!

    D. Anne

  12. 112
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Arnella, Cindy and Madge,

    I enjoyed sharing a table with all of you, and I hope each of you had a wonderful New Year’s.
    We are in the house in San Antonio, but not yet completely unpacked. Even so, it’s great to be home.

    Thanks for taking time to check out my website.

    All best for the new year,
    D Anne

  13. 113
    kit cat 14 Says:

    when were you born and did you win any awards?

  14. 114
    dorothy Says:

    Hey there kit cat,

    I was born Jan 12, many years ago..My books have won a few awards and have been nominated for many more, but the best award of all is receiving letters from girls who have read and enjoyed my books.

    Thanks a bunch for writing.

    D. Anne

  15. 115
    Kit cat Says:

    what kind of award did you win?

  16. 116
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Kit Cat,

    Most recently, the Juvenile Fiction Prize from American Writers and the Teddy Award.

    D. Anne

  17. 117
    Nabeela Says:

    Heyy, i read your book semiprecious & really enjoyed it. I’m doing a book report for it in my 9th grade class. 😉 just trying to find info about yu & yur books, got to yur page & decided to leave a sign!

  18. 118
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Nabeela,

    Thanks for checking in….good luck with the report. I hope you ace it!

    D. Anne

  19. 119
    Maggie Says:

    Hey I LOVE the book Semiprecious!! It’s a fabulous book, and advice if you get the chance to read this book don’t say no because I kept reading and reading. At school, my friend Meaghan told me to come to lunch and I got grouchy with her because I didn’t want to go to lunch I wanted to read!! So I took the book to lunch and ended up barley eating! I could read this book again and again. Thank you D. Anne Love for spending weeks probably writing and publishing this book, because you are a very talented woman and when I get older I want to be a expert reader like you. I read the book a while ago and I am still telling my friends about it and family about it, so READ SEMIPRECIOUS! And also I had stayed up late because I didn’t want to put the masterpiece down! It was amazing and just please everybody read this wonderful boook. You won’t regret reading this wonderful book! I LOVE IT!

    Maggie May

  20. 120
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Maggie,

    Wow, what a fabulous fan letter! I’m blown away. Thanks so much for letting me know how much you liked SEMIPRECIOUS. I hope you’ll enjoy my other books as well. And I hope you you become a writer when you grow up. It’s the best job ever!

    All my best,
    D. Anne

  21. 121
    Erin Says:

    Semiprecious is my favorite book ever! Is there going to be a sequel? There totally should be! I love that book so much! Now I want to read Picture Perfect, but I think Semiprecious should have a second book in the series! I am just like Garnet! I am 12, like her, and I also have a sister that is Opal’s age, and my personality is exactly like Garnet’s!

  22. 122
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Erin!

    I’m thrilled that you liked Garnet’s story. She is one of my all time favorite characters. Right now there are no plans for a sequel, but maybe I will write one someday. I hope you enjoy PICTURE PERFECT. If you read DEFYING THE DIVA you will find a clue about what happened to Opal when she grew up. Write back and let me know if you spot the clue!

    Thanks a bazillion for writing to me. It’s so much fun getting mail from my fabulous readers.

    All my best to you,
    D. Anne

  23. 123
    ronda Says:

    Just wanted to touch base, auntie!!! I love reading your books. I am in the process of reading My Lone Star Summer to my fourth grade class right now! I hope your big brother is keeping you posted– I passed my test, so I am officially a school librarian (or should I say, School Media Specialist). Ben and Ethan say hello. Hope all goes well in San Antonio. Kiss the boys for me!! Ronda

  24. 124
    Samantha Says:

    hi. i love your books. your a fabulous author. so far i have read picture perfect and defying the diva. picture perfect is so far my all time favorite. i love to write. if you have any tips please let me know. your my favorite author. 🙂

  25. 125
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Samantha!

    Thanks so much for writing. I’m delighted that you liked the books, and even more delighted that you love to write. If you check out the “Writers Tips” page of this website, you’ll find a few ideas that might help, and links to some of my favorite sites for young writers.

    Keep reading, and keep writing, and someday I will be writing YOU a fan letter. How cool would that be?

    All my best,
    D Anne

  26. 126
    Anonymous Says:

    I love Semiprecious!!! It is my all time favorite book!!!!! I am doing a Great Author report for my langauge arts class and I am doing you!! One of the things I need to know though is when your birthday is. Your a great author!!!!
    p.s. when’s your birthday???

  27. 127
    Anonymous Says:

    What are some topics you base your books off of?

  28. 128
    dorothy Says:


    I’m so glad you like Semiprecious and I am honored that you are writing a report about my books.

    My birthday is January 12. Which makes me a Capricorn. For my birthday this year, I went out for Italian food. which is my very favorite.

    Good luck on your report.

    D. Anne

  29. 129
    dorothy Says:


    Thanks for your question about topics for my books. Sometimes I take an event that really happened to me or to someone I know, and change it up a little for use in my stories. In Semiprecious, the episode in which Melanie gets a vacuum cleaner for her birthday is a version of something that happened in real life when I was a kid. I get other ideas from talking with my teen writing students about what’s going on in their lives, and from reading newspapers and magazines, sometimes even from song lyrics. My topics usually involve families (Semiprecious and Picture Perfect) or school issues such as bullying (Defying the Diva).

    I hope this answers your question.

    Thanks for writing! D. Anne

  30. 130
    adriene Says:

    do you have a writers note book?

  31. 131
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Adriene,

    Yes, I keep a notebook for each book that I write and a spare one in my backpack for writing down my thoughts and ideas when I am away from my desk. It helps me remember my ideas for characters, plots, etc. How about you? Are you a writer, too? Doyou keep a notebook?

    Thanks for writing!

    D. Anne

  32. 132
    cassie Says:

    dear d. anne love i am adriene/ smadrienes best friend and she was so exited that you wrote her back and i read her message and thatwas cool thatyou have a writers notebook
    well we go to school together and we are in the same class in 4th grade and adriene has read the book semiprecious and told me all about it and then i started to read it and im on page 36 and so far it is great!and i love it. i used to live in missouri till i was seven yeatrs old
    and my mom and dad are devorced and my dad still lives in missouri and i see him once a month and i miss him a lot kind of like opal and garnet because they miss there dad and today at school is p.j. day so gotta go bye bye!

  33. 133


  34. 134
    Anonymous Says:


  35. 135
    Anonymous Says:

    DEAR D. ANNE im russell. Im also curious, do u have any kids if so how many and names

  36. 136
    cassie Says:

    what is your adress because me and adriene wants to now please so me and adriene can send you letters ps bye bye

  37. 137
    amy Says:

    did you ever get hurt?

  38. 138
    amy Says:

    do you have kids?

  39. 139
    amy Says:

    are u married?

  40. 140
    cassie Says:

    Dear, d. anne love,
    im adrienes best friend and we are in the same class and in 4th grade and me and her have to do athor talks and that is why we are posting comments and adriene read the book semiprecious and told me it was her favorite book and told me that i should read it so i started reading it and im on page 36 and so far it is the best book Ive ever read
    and i wanted to share a little bit about myself well Ive lived in missouri till i was 7 years old
    and now me, my brother ,and my mom live in indiana and my mom got married to my step dad
    and i get to see my real dad once a month and i think its unfair but i can live with it and adriene says shye i going to write you again to night but i dont now if she will plus your my favorite author in the whole world
    love cassie

  41. 141
    cassie Says:

    dear d anne love i for got to say that im kind of like opal and garnet . bye bye

  42. 142
    bobby jack Says:

    how many books have you written?
    how old are you?
    when is your birthday?
    do you have kids?
    are you married?
    please reply

    love boby jack

  43. 143
    jane Says:

    what college did you attend?you are my favorite auther.

  44. 144
    jane Says:

    are you married and if you are do you have any kids?

  45. 145
    Billy Bob Thorton Says:

    Hey Anne! I have read Picture Perfect,and Defying the Diva.You are an Exellent Writer .I wish that one day I could meet you.I’ve even started writing a book .Look for the book Called COMPLETLY UNITED.Its great .Its about a soldier who has to go to war ,he comes back and finds out his wife and son are missing then him and other freinds who lost their love ones get united and go through all these jorneys to save there famaily.

  46. 146
    cassie Says:

    Dear d. anne love,
    ive all ready typed this note twice but its not working going on to your list and i hope it does this time because i realy want you to read it , but any way i read your book semiprecious
    and it was my favorite book in the world that ive read well i wanted to say im kind of like
    opal and gernet because live in indiana but when was 7 witch im ten now but my mom and dad are devorced now and my dad lives in missouri and now i have a step dad to and i get to see him once a month and i think it is realy unfair do you plus adriene/smadriene is my bff and we are in the same 4th grade class and our teacher calls us the two amigas or atached to the hip because we are allways together and me and adriene are doingan athor talk at school and we were doing reserch on you well please write back cassie,

  47. 147
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Cassie,

    I did get your message! Thanks so much for writing. I’m glad you and Adriene enjoyed Garnet and Opal’s story. Sometimes life can be unfair, as Garnet finds out, but if you have good friends, as you do in Adriene, they can make things way better.

    Keep reading! Good luck on your author report.

    D. Anne

  48. 148
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Billy Bob,

    It’s so amazing that your name is almost the same as the famous actor, Billy Bob Thornton!!
    Glad you liked Picture Perfect and Diva.

    Good luck with your story. It sounds exciting!

    D. Anne

  49. 149
    dorothy Says:

    Hello to Russell, Amy, Jane, and Bobby Jack

    Since all of you asked the same questions, I’ll answer them here instead of repeating myself.

    I am married. My husband and I don’t have any human kids, but we have two golden retrievers who live with us and act like kids! Their names are Major and Jake and you can see their pictures here on my website.

    My birthday is January 12. I graduated from two universities, Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas and University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. I have published twelve books so far…more on the way.

    Thanks to all of you for writing to me. It’s great hearing from readers.

    D. Anne

  50. 150
    dorothy Says:

    Hi to all my readers who requested an address for mailing letters to me.

    You can send them to my publishers, who will forward them to me. Be patient, sometimes it takes weeks to receive forwarded mail.

    Thanks for writing!

    D. Anne

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