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One of the things I love best about writing for teens and tweens is the chance to talk to my readers. If you have a question about my books, about writing and publishing in general, or if you just want to tell me what’s on your mind, this is the place. I’ll answer each message as soon as I can, but please remember that I travel quite a lot, and sometimes it may take a while for me to catch up. But I will write you back and you can read it here.

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    dorothy Says:

    Hey Jill,

    Delighted to know that you like my books. Thanks for writing. I hope you found the information you needed for your talk by clicking on the “Biography” page on this website. If you need more info after you’ve read that page, please e-mail and I will be happy to answer any other questions you have.

    Have a great day!! D. Anne

  2. 202
    Meg Says:

    D. Anne Love

    Hi again D. Anne! I just wanted to tell youthat I am now reading Picture Perfect and can not wait until I read Defying the Diva. I was just wondering how you got the titles for your books. Happy New Year and Hope your holiays were good


  3. 203
    Meg Says:

    D. Anne Love

    Hi again D. Anne! I just wanted to tell youthat I am now reading Picture Perfect and can not wait until I read Defying the Diva. I was just wondering how you got the titles for your books?


  4. 204
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Meg,

    Happy New Year to you, too! My holidays were great–we spent them with family scattered across Texas. We were in Dallas on Christmas Eve and had a very unusual white Christmas! Snow and ice! How about you? Did you have a good time?

    Titles: For Picture Perfect, I wanted something that would tie in with Phoebe’s apparently perfect family, to contrast with the imperfections going on beneath the surface. The idea that what we see on the surface doesn’t always reflect the truth. Deciding on that title was pretty easy. DEFYING THE DIVA, though, was harder. When I was working on it, I called it A Little Rebellion but when I went to New York to talk to my editors, they said it sounded too much like a story taking place during the Revolutionary War. So we stood in the office there and talked about some other ideas, and as I thought about one of the characters in the story who is SUCH a diva, DEFYING THE DIVA seemed to fit.

    Have a fabulous 2010!!! D. Anne

  5. 205
    Meg Says:

    Hi D Anne

    I just wanted to tell you that I erote a essay that had Semipecious in it nd here it is:

    Semiprecious V.S. The Lightening Thief

    Semiprecious and The Lightening Thief are two books that have been
    Read and enjoyed by many children around the world. Although they have some
    Similarities they have a lot of differences too. For instance one major difference
    is their genre. The Lightening Thief is a science-fiction book but Semiprecious is
    a realistic-fiction book.
    Semiprecious along with The Lightening Thief is fist person narration.
    This means that the main character tells and explains the story. In the same way
    both Percy Jackson, the main character from The Lightening Thief, and Garnet
    Hubbard, the main character from Semiprecious, have harder family lives than
    other children in the United States of America. My last way in which these books
    are similar is that in my opinion they are both intersecting and excellent books.
    The Lightening Thief was copyrighted in 2005 but on the other hand
    Semiprecious was copyrighted in 2006. Semiprecious, written by D. Anne Love,
    has 291 pages on the other hand The Lightening Thief, written by Rick Riodan,
    has 375 pages. Although these books are both first person narration
    Semiprecious is Garnet Hubbard, a girl talking, and The Lightening Thief is Percy
    Jackson, a boy talking. The Lightening Thief mostly takes place in California,
    New York City, and Camp Half Blood unlike Semiprecious that mostly takes
    place in Texas, Ohio and a little bit in Tennessee.
    Not only did Percy Jackson from The Lightening Thief not know his
    birth dad the whole story but he went from boarding school to boarding school
    and was attacked by monsters as Garnet Hubbard from Semiprecious knew her
    dad all her life and only went to two different public schools. Garnet sadly didn’t
    have a good relationship with her mom during the whole story and didn’t get to
    see her a lot but Percy was every close to his mom for the whole story and would
    be with her whenever he could. Percy was either staying at a boarding school,
    with his mom or at Camp Half Blood on the other hand Garnet always swayed
    with her Aunt Julia or her parents for the story. Garnet didn’t have any friends at
    her second public school but became friends with a boy named Nathan however
    Percy was friends with a satyr named Grover and a half blood named Annabeth
    for about three quarters of the book. The last contrast I have is that The
    Lightening Thief is a series book and Semiprecious is not a series book.
    Like many other books Semiprecious and The Lightening Thief are
    books that are in my opinion excellent books. They have many difference and

    I hope you like it ans yur okay with it um… I will tell u the grade when I get it

  6. 206
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Meg,

    Thanks for sharing your essay! Good luck. Keep me posted. I hope you get an A!

    D. Anne

  7. 207
    killo Says:

    Hey would you recomend this book for 8th grade guys???
    Plz email me!

  8. 208
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Killo,

    I’m not sure which book you mean. Most of my books are about and for girls, although of course there are guy characters in all of them. Several years ago I wrote THE SECRET PRINCE a fantasy adventure for and about boys.

    You may be able to find a copy in your local library.

    Thanks for writing to me.

    D. Anne

  9. 209
    Beth Says:


    I absolutely love your books. I’m finishing up Picture Perfect, I just have one one question. Do you write any other tween or teen books? I hope you keep on writing. 🙂 Thanks, Beth.

  10. 210
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! At present I am working on a couple of things, but it may take a while, as I have some other deadlines to meet. I have written a total of 12 books for teens and tweens. The older titles, mostly for tweens, aren’t listed here on the site, because they are out of print, but you can often find them at your library or at online bookstores such as Powell’s. Here are the titles. The hardcover editions were published at Holiday House, New York, and the paperback editions by Random House (Dell Yearling)

    A Year Without Rain–Rachel and her younger brother John Wesley must deal with drought on the prairie, a summer with their aunt, and their father’s new wife.

    Three Against the Tide–When Federal troops invade their South Carolina island home, Susanna must get her two young brothers to safety and find their father, who is on a mission for General Robert E. Lee

    I Remember the Alamo–The McCann family moves from Kentucky to Texas just in time to get caught up in the fight for Texas liberty. Jessie, her mother and younger brother take refuge in the Alamo.

    My Lone Star Summer–Jill looks forward to summer on her grandmother’s Texas ranch and to reuniting with her best friend BJ. But BJ has changed. She’s become a cheerleader who cares only about boys, especially Trey, the cute new guy in town. This is a story about friendship, and the inevitable growing apart that comes with growing up. Winner of the Friends of American Writers Juvenile Fiction Prize.

    Dakota Spring–When their father is injured on their farm, Caroline and Jess meet the grandmother they never knew and learn about what it means to be a family.

    Bess’s Log Cabin Quilt–a young girl settles in Oregon with her mother and must find a way to save her family’s farm.

    Thanks again for writing, Beth. Happy reading!!
    D. Anne

  11. 211
    Beth Says:

    Oh good, you need to write more of those tween books! They are to die for. I love how you like to communicate with your fans. That is super sweet. You’r books keep me up at night with the flashlight. HAHA. I love Picture Perfect, you should write more about Phoebe and Nick. Also, do you do any book signings? I would LOVE to meet you.


  12. 212
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Beth,

    Nice to hear from you again! I usually hold book signings when a new book comes out, or when I am invited to book fairs and festivals around the country. I try to post these events here on the please visit again.

    I’m glad you like Phoebe. I gave her a small role in my newest book, DEFYING THE DIVA.

    I’d love to meet you, too!

    D. Anne

  13. 213
    Beth Says:

    Oh, well I live in Miami, FL so hopefully you will come on down and enjoy the beautiful weather. But it is a tad chilly out this week. It is quite a funny story how I found your books. One day I was at my school library, and I saw the cover of Defying the Diva, with the young girl in water. And I’m a swimmer, so it caught my eye. I read it, and LOVED it. I will recommend to all of my friends!


  14. 214
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Lucky you! I guess Miami is one of the only cities in America that isn’t snowed in today. I was in Florida a couple of years ago, doing a book signing in Coral Gables and visiting a school in Vero Beach. Hope I get a chance to come back one of these days. I’m a beach lover and I really enjoyed Florida.

    Meantime, thank you so much for all your nice emails, and for recommending DIVA to your friends.

    D. Anne

  15. 215
    Beth Says:

    IN CORAL GABLES?!?! Oh my, I live about 2 avenues east of Coral Gables, but if it was a couple of years ago, I would be at least 8 or 9. Anyways, I will continue reading your site and I will definitely be at your book signings if you come on down.

    Beth Anne.

  16. 216
    Beth Says:

    I have one question. Why do you write D. instead of Dorothy?

  17. 217
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Beth,

    When I first started writing, an agent told me that “Dorothy” was too old fashioned a name. I so agreed with him! Couldnt’ believe my parents gave me such an old lady name. When I was a teenager I wanted to change my name to Pamela. So when I became a writer I shortened my name to D Anne.

    I’ll keep you posted here on the site if I’m ever headed back to Coral Gables…they have a fabulous bookstore.


  18. 218
    Beth Says:

    Oh, thats funny. I love the name Dorothy. It is very nice. Keep writing.


  19. 219
    Chyanne Sargent Says:

    Dear Ms. D. Anne. Love,
    I previously just finished your book Semi Precious, and let me tell you, that is one of my all time favorite books. Everytime I see your name as the author,I just have to see the book. You are very good at keeping your reader entertained through out the whole book. I especially like the part in Semi Precious where the one youngest daughter goes to Nashville to visit her mom and see how she was doing. That part just seems to draw my attention more.
    The reason I wrote your letter was to beg and pleed for you to write a sequel to the book Semi Precious. It would be very cool if you did. The sequel could be about the daughters moving in with their mother in Nashville. This sequel could be a very good book, and it could possibly draw more readers.
    Your number 1 reader,
    Chyanne Sargent

  20. 220
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Chyanne,

    Wow, what a great letter. Thanks so much for writing. I had great fun writing Garnet’s and Opal’s story, and I would love to write a sequel to Semiprecious someday. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy my other books.

    All my best,
    D. Anne

  21. 221
    cassie Says:

    dear d. anne. love ive replied to you before about a year ago you may not remember me
    but im cassie and i have a qestion do you have a writers notebook? i g2g bye

  22. 222
    dorothy Says:

    Hey Cassie,

    I do remember you. So nice to hear from you again. Yes, I have a writer’s notebook. I keep all kinds of stuff in it. Ideas for stories, websites where I can do research, possible names for characters, bits of overheard conversations that might be useful when I’m writing dialog, photos of places I’m writing about. Once I finish a story I put all the pages from my writer’s notebook into a three ring binder with the name of the book on the spine. That helps me if I ever need to go back and check on anything.

    I hope your school year is going well and that you are looking forward to a fabulous summer!

    D. Anne

  23. 223
    Meg Says:

    Hi D. Anne Love

    It has been s long since I have talk to you. How are you? Any new books published and having a debut in stores soon? I hope so, then I can read it. I finished reading Picture Perfect awhile ago. It was a shocker and had a lot of sapense(if that is how you spell it:]). I wasn’t expecting a lot of it but it was AMAZING. I am not going to say my favorite part because then every reader would now and well that would spoil a part of the book. I went to the book part of the website. i love your new covers fr Semiprecious and Picture Perfect. Do you make the covers yourself?
    Oh and I will try to find out what I got on the essay I forgotwhat it was since it has been soooo long. I must go now and study though. So, good bye I hope to talk or type to you again soon.

    – Meg
    P.S.: Have you ever met any other authors? If so who?

  24. 224
    Meg Says:

    Sorry I forgot to ask to you ever go on tours to bookstores? If so where are you headed?


  25. 225
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Meg,

    So great to hear from you! I’m glad you enjoyed Picture Perfect, and thanks for not giving the plot away! I love the new cover, too, and no, I don’t make them myself. The very talented people at Simon and Schuster do that. Right now I’m working on some books for older readers, so I don’t have another new teen book coming out for a while. I have been a writer fora long time, and I’ve met many many authors, including Rachel Cohn, Libba Bray, Karen Cushman, Kirby Larson, Richard Peck, Bruce Coville, Cynthia Leitich Smith….and many more.

    No book signings scheduled for now, but I’ll keep you posted. Take care!!

    D Anne

  26. 226
    Meg Says:

    Thanks for answering my questions. I got my grade back on the compare and Contrast Essay and I got the highest grade an A. Probally because I used you book. 🙂
    Bye And keep writing


  27. 227
    dorothy Says:

    Fantastic, Meg!! Good for you!!

    Thanks for letting me know you got an A.

    D Anne

  28. 228
    Rodaba Rahim Says:

    I really like your books

  29. 229
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Rodaba,

    Thanks so much for writing! I’m happy that you like the books.

    Keep on reading!

    D. Anne

  30. 230
    Meg Says:

    Hi again

    I just wanted to ask if you had to choose a book of yours to make a movie which one would you pick? Also would you like for one of your books to be a movie ? Do you think one will?


  31. 231
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Meg,

    Did you see the very sad story in the news this week about the high school girl in MA who killed herself because others at school were bullying her? This made me so angry and so sad…stories like this is the reason I wrote DEFYING THE DIVA. To show girls who are being bullied that they are not alone and that there are places they can go to get help. If I had to pick one of my books to become a movie, I’d pick DIVA. If the movie saved only one person, that alone would be worth it.

    On a happier note, I think SEMIPRECIOUS would make a fun movie….are you listening, Hollywood??

    Happy Easter, Meg.

    D. Anne

  32. 232
    Rodaba Rahim Says:

    I love your book I remember the Alamo.I have read it and loved it.I loved the ending best.

  33. 233
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Rodaba,

    Thank you so much! I enjoyed writing Jessie’s story. I live in San Antonio, where the story takes place, and sometimes when I visit the Alamo, I imagine Jessie and Colonel Travis and all the rest….it’s a very special book to me and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  34. 234
    mary clair Says:

    Good to find you. We moved from LeMars in 2002. Love to talk and catch up. Ann, Laurie and Isaac all live here as well.

  35. 235
    dorothy Says:

    Mary, hi!

    Good to hear from you. Please go to the top of this page to send me a private email. Lots to catch up on….


  36. 236
    Meg Says:

    Hi again
    I am glad that you want to help make a difference with your writing. I agree semiprecious is a movie I would see. Happy Easter I hope Hollywood was listening



  37. 237
    Rodaba Rahim Says:

    I have never been to san antonio.I live in ohio.

  38. 238
    Anonymous Says:

    hi my name is paige and well at my school we have to pick a and I don’t read alot but right now I’m almost done with one of your books well i would talk more but the bell is going to ring bye for now thanks hope you write back paige(:

  39. 239
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Paige,

    I’m glad you discovered one of my books! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for writing to me.

    D. Anne

  40. 240
    faith m. Says:


  41. 241
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Faith,



  42. 242
    Julie Hill Says:

    Thank you so much fir giving me the opportunity to photograph you today. I very much enjoyed our session today. From the little time we spent today I can see not only the enjoyment you get from writing but also helping our young ones in the society we live in.
    I soooo enjoyed also the company of your boys! I got the best pics of them.
    Thank you!
    Julie Hill

  43. 243
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Julie,

    I enjoyed it, too. The boys can be a challenge sometimes, but I can’t imagine life without them.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Thanks so much for writing. Talk to you soon!

    D. Anne

  44. 244
    Rodaba Rahim Says:

    i love your books and i have a few questions. Where do you get ideas for your books? Are any of your books based on something that has happened to you.

  45. 245
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Rodaba,

    I’m glad you enjoy my books. Some of my ideas come from readers, others come from things that happened to me or my friends. When I was 14 I had to move to a new state, a new school, and it was hard and scary. I used some of those memories to write Semiprecious.

    Some of my readers suggested that I write about bullying in high school because it’s a problem, and that was what led me to write Defying the Diva.

    Thanks a bunch for writing to me.

    D Anne

  46. 246
    Astrid Maldonado Says:

    We had to pick an author to write about for my 6th grade biography, and i will pick you over and over and over! ! Also i figured out something cool. I read DEFYING THE DIVE after i read SEMIPRECIOUS and PICTURE PERFECT, and you like the name’s Phoebe, Melanie, and Opal, right? Because in SEMIPRECIOUS, the mom’s name was Melanie and the sister’s name was Opal, and in Picture Perfect the main character is Phoebe. And in DEFYING THE DIVA, there were girls named Phoebe, Melanie, and Opal! And they were also from Texas, which is were PICTURE PERFECT and SEMIPRECIOUS take place!!

  47. 247
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Astrid,

    Thanks so much for your email! And it’s so cool that you figured out about the names in my books. I think it’s so much fun to read about a character and then find her in another story, don’t you? It’s like running into an old friend somewhere when you weren’t expecting it.

    I hope you have a fantastic summer!

    D Anne

  48. 248
    Grace Says:

    I just finished reading “defying the diva” its such a g itood book. I loved it all and I couldnt pick a favourite bit out of it because it was all GREAT!!! i think that franky was my favourite character in it because she is kind, friendly and puts others beffore herself. I think i like her too because she is a little bit like me. I also like vanessa. I also wanted to say that I have been bullied before (not as bad as halley though) and it is not a fun experience. It was in grade 6 where one of my best friends who betrayed my trust in her, emailed me saying that i had copyed her by getting the same phone as her. i was lucky because straight away I told my mum and we did something about it. then later in the year she started bullying me again by saying that i had ditched her to be with the “cool people” i had moved groups but only because i wanna to keep away from her, i emailed her back after what she said and told her that she hurt peoples feeling to make her feel good, which was the truth. she reacted back and said alot of hurtful things. in the end she got punished and suspeneded for a week. all of my friends were supportive and there for me all the time that it happened. well anyway we graduated and now i am in year 7 at a diffrent school from her. we both decided that it was best for us not to keep intouch and now we are both happier and loving our new school. defying the diva was a reall inspiration for me and i loved it. keep up the good work and i look forward to your next book.
    Good luck
    from Grace

  49. 249
    Jenna Says:

    I just finshed reading SEMIPRECIOUS and i LOVED IT it is an amazing story. I have a question Would you ever write a second SEMIPRECIOUS because if you did that would be really cool

  50. 250
    dorothy Says:

    Dear Grace,

    I am delighted that you liked DEFYING THE DIVA, and very glad indeed that your trouble with the bully is past you. Life is so hard sometimes, isn’t it? I But it sounds as if you handled it very well. Good for you!

    Thanks so much for writing to me!!

    D. Anne

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