Defying the Diva (Simon and Schuster/McElderry)

Haley Patterson is having a great year hanging out with her friends and making a name for herself as the only freshman reporter for her high school newspaper, The Raider Review. But when she reveals one too many details in a gossip column, superdiva Camilla Quinn turns Haley’s life upside down. Completely ostracized and abandoned by even her closest friends, Haley finds herself alone and miserable. A summer job at a mountain resort brings Haley a new set of friends, romance with two cute guys, and an unexpected confrontation with Camilla that forces her to choose whether to back down, or find the courage to stand her ground.

“ Skillfully captures the painful reality of teen bullying while also telling Haley’s humorous and sincere story of growing up.” Kirkus Reviews

“The love story is sweet, and readers will root for Haley to admit what’s been going on and finally give herself a chance to be happy.” Booklist

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  1. Paulina

    I’m 12 and I thought it was a great book that I couldn’t put down. Used It for an English project and I got an A.

  2. dorothy

    Hi Paulina, Congratulations on getting an A! That’s fantastic. I’m so glad you enjoyed Haley’s story. Thanks for writing to me. Keep on reading!!!

    D. anne