Semiprecious (Simon and Schuster/McElderry)

Available now in paperback

Available now in paperback

Teen sisters Garnet and Opal are enjoying summer vacation and looking forward to the start of a new school year in their hometown of Mirabeau, Texas. But then Mama packs the girls off to Oklahoma to stay with their Aunt Julia and hightails it to Nashville to pursue her life-long dream of singing at the Grand Ole Opry, leaving the girls to make a whole new life in a strange place.

“Tugging at the heart with painful truths and a girl who finds both sorrow and wonderment in them, this is Love’s best yet.” Kirkus Reviews

“As in her other novels, D. Anne Love’s target audience is adolescents, but plenty of mothers will be staying up past bedtime to enjoy this timeless and beautifully told story.” BookPage

“Love’s descriptions are nicely evocative of a different time and place but it is the intriguing questions she poses that make her an author to watch.” School Library Journal

“Garnet proves a keen observer and reporter of her own mixed emotions as well as the actions and attitudes of others. An involving novel of hurt, healing, and adjustment.” Booklist

“This touching story, set in 1960, is all about family and how sometimes what you’re left with is exactly what you need.” Sweet 16 Magazine

“This poignant novel explores realistic issues. The 1960’s setting hints at the political and social upheavals of the day but the novel is more concerned with universal personal themes such as loss, healing, and adjustment….Under great pressure two teenage girls are transformed; they become stronger and find love.” The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch

“Five stars!”

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