Growing up in the turbulent 1960s I saw a parallel between the upheavals over civil rights, the space race, and the Cold War and the upheavals we all must pass through on the journey from childhood to adulthood. I wanted to explore this parallel against a backdrop of a teenaged girl’s struggle to make a home for herself against tough odds in a whole new place. So I gave teen sisters Garnet and Opal a mother determined to become the Next Big Thing in Nashville, leaving the sisters in a small town in Oklahoma to discover for themselves the true meaning of home.

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  1. kimmy

    i loved this book! i had to read it for a school project. it was fantastic!

  2. taytay

    i just started reading this book and so far it is really good!!!

  3. dorothy

    Hi Taytay,

    Glad your are enjoying garnet’s story. Thanks for writing!!

    D Anne

  4. booklover123

    my friend told me that it’s an awsome book so i read it and i loved it i want my own copy for my b-day:)

  5. dorothy


    Wow, I’m delighted that you liked SEMIPRECIOUS enough to want your own copy. That is the best praise any writer could ever receive. Thanks for writing to tell me. I appreciate it. Hope you have a great week!

    D. Anne