The Puppeteer’s Apprenctice

Browsing in a library one day I came across an old out of print book called The History of the English Puppet Theater. I thumbed through it idly, reading a paragraph here and there and soon found myself captivated by the true story of itinerant entertainers who made their living by giving puppet plays at fairs and festivals across medieval England. I also read about Charlotte Charke, a real puppeteer in England, a woman noted for her good taste and ambitious performances. It seemed that one good way to tell the story of these clever and brave entertainers would be through the eyes of a young girl who is as captivated by the puppets as I was, and who has nothing to lose by taking up this vagabond lifestyle. I created “Mouse,” an orphaned scullery maid, and sent her on the road with a mysterious puppeteer who is keeping secrets of her own.

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