An Invitation To All My Readers

My dear readers,

Some of you are new to my books, some have been around for many years, a couple of you whom I met when you were elementary school students are now out of college and teaching in classrooms of your own. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ve been writing and publishing novels for you guys for almost twenty years. Yikes.

Last year I decided to try something new: writing historical novels for older readers. I’m  excited to announce that the first book in the new series is coming out in June. BEYOND ALL MEASURE is  a sweet romance that takes place in Tennessee, the state where I was born and where I lived till age 14. There is courting, and kissing, and a fight and a Christmas Eve sleigh ride marriage proposal, but nothing that parents will find objectionable.  Parents: You are most welcome to view the site for yourself and to contact me with any questions.

If you are age 13 or older, and  like reading novels about older characters from the past, I invite you, with your parents’ permission,  to visit my new website: for more  info, and to be my Facebook friend here. That’s where I’ll post  information about the books, some cool contests, and prizes you can win.

Of course you can still write to me here, too. Just go to the “Let’s Talk” page. I’ll write you back, as I always have, just as soon as possible. As I  head off on this new adventure, I want to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful letters. Each one of them, and each one of you, is a treasure I will carry with me forever.


D Anne

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